High-Tech Super-Powers

We're Apple-Certified and stay sharp through workshops, seminars, and day-to-day research.

Dedication to Apple Customers

For over ten years, we've helped creative professionals, educators, and small businesses use, configure, repair, upgrade, network, back-up, recover, and thoroughly enjoy their Apple products. We understand the challenges professionals face and work hard to maintain the expertise to help them.

Expertise Shortlist:

- Mac OS from System 7 to 10.8
- Mac OS X Server
- Mobile Deployment for iOS
- Internal/External RAID solutions
- Backup solutions
- Font Management
- Point of Sale Systems
- Mac Systems management
- Open Directory Integration
- Apple & Google Apps Integration

We don't just like Apple products, we rock their world.

Our Certifications:

Certified Help Desk Specialist 10.5
Certified Associate 10.6
Certified Mac Technician
Certified Support Specialist 10.6
Certified Technical Coordinator 10.6
Certified Specialist - Directory Services 10.6
Certified Specialist - Security and Mobility 10.6
Certified Support Specialist 10.8
ACN Mobility Technical Competency